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Shopping Concierge

Personal Shopping Concierge

Do you live all by yourself and have no helping hand to assist you with your shopping necessities? Have you always wanted a companion whose opinion you can rely upon while hopping from one aisle to another? Do you need someone to pick up the daily groceries on your behalf? The Independent Concierge can do it all for you.


You can choose one or more of the following from my personal shopping concierge services:


  • Gift Shopping - Don’t have enough time to buy presents for your sister’s upcoming birthday or your best friend’s anniversary, because you will be busy at office? No need to worry, as I will be happy to not only purchase the necessary gifts, but also have them wrapped beautifully according to the occasion at hand.


  • Grocery Shopping - Feeling too exhausted to drive all the way to the supermarket and pick the groceries? Cut yourself some slack and send me your shopping list instead. I will buy the things you need at the best prices and deliver them straight to your doorstep.


  • Personal Shopping - If you need someone to buy luxury goods, pharmacy items or clothes, I can do that on your behalf as well.


  • Shopping Buddy - Require a shopping buddy to provide you with a second opinion on your purchase? I am more than willing to help you out, whether it is a gift that you are buying or an item for yourself.