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Lifestyle Management Services

Personal Lifestyle Management Services

The modern lifestyle is all about adopting measures to make things easier amidst your hectic and exhausting schedules. The personal concierge services of The Independent Concierge are in place to bring about just that:


  • Making Appointments -  Need to set up an appointment with a doctor, dentist or some real estate agent? Allow me to handle the task for you.


  • Take Messages - As long as your messages are compatible with the work that I do, I will be happy to take them.


  • Source & Research A Product or Service - Do you wish to obtain detailed info about a specific product or service offered by a certain company? I can do that efficiently on your behalf. I will even go & purchase the product as well as negotiate its price, if you want me to. (Please note: Though I cannot promise to reduce the price of an item for sure, I would most certainly endeavour to get it at a better price.)


  • Bookings & Reservations for Restaurants, Events and Travel - The Independent Concierge has an adroit and experienced travel agent, with excellent customer service background at its disposal, who can help to complete all your travel bookings. If, however, you have another professional travel agent, I can coordinate with him/her too, in order for you to have an indelible trip or holiday experience. Need to reserve a table at the restaurant of your choice? I can personally go there and confirm the booking on your behalf. The same thing applies for any event that you want to book tickets to.


  • Organise Cleaning Services & Minor Repairs - You can entrust me with the task of organising minor repairs or cleaning services for your home as well. I will find the right tradespeople as per your requirements. (Please note: I never conduct these tasks myself, that is, cleaning and repairing. Rather, I locate experienced pros and endeavour to secure their services at better prices through negotiation.)